Estimates vary, but one thing is clear: oil-burning cars are the Number One source of greenhouse gas emissions in the Montreal area and any efforts to address climate change must start here.  Let’s use the estimate from the Direction de santé publique (DSP) de Montreal: 49%.

As we approach Copenhagen (Kyoto 2), decision-makers are trying to figure out what to do. How are we going to achieve these formidable targets? (e.g. 80% less carbon emissions than our 1991 levels, by 2050).

Overall, Quebec is doing pretty well in a whole bunch of sectors (thanks to Hydro), but one. Transportation.

This is Quebec’s black-eye, when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions.

One astonishing gesture that Quebec could make now to improve on this key sector would be to turn 180° on the Turcot proposal and invest massively in mass transit, especially in the East-West corridor.This would be wonderful for Quebec’s economy: we actually build and export mass-transit (Bombardier, NovaBus, etc).

Commuters from the West Island would be the biggest winners from this investment. Imagine! a top-quality high-speed mass transit link to downtown! Instead of being stuck in traffic for an hour, commuters could chat, check their email, get a rest from their wild kids…it would be beautiful.

And we could give residents in the inner city a breath of fresh air to boot! To say nothing of the workers and sick people in the proposed Mega-Hospital just beside the Turcot.

Great opportunity for Quebec.

Check out this video on Flash Turcot’s Flash Mob: