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La Presse  announced the verdict passed down by the BAPE.  In an article Denis Lessard gives his account of the events surrounding the project’s opposition and worries about the cost of the project.

The BAPE’s critical position with regard to the province’s lack of regard for local concerns will be received with a sigh of relief by those who opposed the project.  The province goes back to the drawing board now and it is predicted that this will delay the project for a year or more.

This is gives mayor Tremblay and other political leaders a chance to get ahead of the horse to properly bring Montreal’s plan de transport to the table.  “…now would be a good time for the experts to call for a comité de gouvernance du réseau routier et d’infrastructure transport, that brings together public health dept, community reps, STM, CN, MTQ,…” Jody Negley



The OpenPlanningProject explores The Embarcadero

The OpenPlanningProject explores The Embarcadero

This is a great treatment of  SanFransisco’s famous freeway removal.

Terrasse Dufferin

Dufferin Terrace

In the conversation about potential uses for the Turcot yards it is important to consider similar cases in other cities.  This is a view of Dufferin Terrace crowned by Chateau Frontenac in Quebec city.  We might not have a Château Frontenac in Saint Raymond but our Falaise St Jacques is very similar to this in scale.



Painting by Henry Buszard

Painting by Henry Buszard

While we wait to find out from Line Bauchamp what her recommendation will be on the future of transportation in Montreal, the interchange continues to inspire debate, dreams and the imaginations of local residents.

TurcotFlashWOW! Montreal is back in full swing after summer holidays.  The Turcot is rising back to the lips of students, professors, neighbourhood groups, and water cool chit chats all over down town.  This group, calling themselves “Turcot FLASH”, vows to raise the public’s eyes to the great urban highway debate with a few events over the next few months.

They are beginning with a Flash Mob.

St. Jacques & Prudhomme

5:18pm Monday Sept 21 2009

Divert your trip home and check out this Flash gathering.  Should be exciting.


Lecture: Photographer Brian Merrit and David Carruthers of the Westmount action committee will speak about their experiences in 1971 when the Turcot was being built.  Urbanist Jason Prince coordinator of McGill’s CURA  action-research project “Making Megaprojects Work for Communities” will discuss the effects the current project will have on the city today.

Thursday September 17th

Westmount Public Library

4574 Sherbrooke Street W.

7 – 9 pm

$5 non members – Free for members

Alternate trucking route in Blue

Alternate trucking route in Blue

All sides of the conversation concerning the Turcot project  acknowledge truck transport  as a main issue.  This map presented to the BAPE by Jacob Larson presents a feasable rerouting of truck traffic around the city center, an ambition expressed in the 2003 Nicolet Commission.

Transport Quebec announced yesterday that it will no longer pursue a Public Private Partnership (P3) for funding the reconstruction project.  Originally the project was planned to be partially payed for by partners from the private sector.  Yesterday’s decision will ensure that the project is entirely funded with public money and so, will remain entirely in the control of our transportation authority (MTQ).

This was one of the requests brought to the table by mayor Tremblay at the BAPE hearings.  He argued that employing a P3 strategy would result in restricting the flexibility of the project’s design and execution.


One of the most significant developments concerning the MTQ’s (Transport Québec) plan came in the form of a very brief announcement during last week’s BAPE hearings.  It was easy to miss but, just before an intermission, Alain Dubé submitted this map to the commission which portrays plans for a 5th rail line.  The route of this new line passes through the MTQ’s proposed site for re-development.

In a memo to the MTQ, CN explained that this line is to be designated to host VIA rail traffic and that construction is set to begin next month to be completed well before the MTQ’s scheduled ground breaking for the proposed Turcot rebuild.  This announcement means inevitable re-thinking of portions of the province’s plan. Hopefully they use this as an opportunity to explore different designs and strategies for this territory rather than trying to fit the old shoe on a new foot.