Here you’ll find alternatives to the Ministry of Transport’s Turcot project.  These display audacious problem solving and political courage and  may help to provide inspiration for the realization of a project that benefits the local as well as  regional citizens.


MTQ’s examination of alternatives (French only):PR3.1_chapitres4-5


Community’s briefs (mémoires) submitted to the BAPE


Local experts discuss the project and alternatives

Local experts discuss the project and alternatives

Notable alternatives  include:

  • Removing the highway
  • Burying the highway
  • Re-enforcing the existing aerial structure.

Proffessor Pietre Sijpkes of McGill proposes reenforcing the existing structure

Professor Pietre Sijpkes, of McGill, proposes re-enforcing the existing structure

  • Diminishing the highway’s size and capacity

Exploring highway removal:  Portland OR , San Francisco, CAMilwalkee, WI , New York, NY , Niagra Falls, NY , Paris, Fr. , Seoul, South Korea

Student work:

Six Teams present their ideas from AGEUR ‘s Design Charette Un air d’échangeur:

Équipe: Amélie Chartrand, Stéphanie Jolicoeur, Sarah D. Lauzon, Jacob Larsen, Simon Lefebvre, Caroline Magar, Valérie Tremblay-Gravel

Équipe: Alexandre Clermont, Odile Craig, Karl Dorais Kinkaid, Marie-Claude Laforce, Anik Malderis et Jérémie Watters.

Équipe: Darren Cano, Maxime Deschênes-Bouchard, Mathieu Drouin, Maude Ladouceur, Yasmine Ben Létaifa et Manon Otto

Équipe: Isabelle Bastien, Tristan Bourgie, Shaun Gelati, Laurie Laperrière, Brigitte Lavallée, Jean-Charles Richard et Catherine St-Pierre

Équipe: Philippe Cossette, Tanya Despard, Allison Nelder, Catherine Séguin, Shan-Mel, Sylvie To, Julien Trépanier-Jobin et Rose Uomobond

Équipe: Guillaume Albert-B., Stéphanie Blais, Matthieu Déborbe, Justine Desbiens, Bertrand Goutorbe, Éliane Lessard, François Valiquette

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Professor Pierre Gauthier speaks on Design alternatives, potential from our wealth of local creativity and expertise, and the promise of investing in our future generations