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BAPElogoThe second phase of the BAPE evironmental hearings begins Monday, June 15 at 7:00pm.  This phase lasts all week long with presentations starting each day at 1:00 pm (Friday starting at 10:00 am) .  It is the only opportunity for the public to contribute their thoughts on the developer’s curent proposal.  The venue is the CRCS St. Zotique in St-Henri at 75 Sir George Etienne Cartier.

  • Lundi le 15 juin à 9h : Rendez-vous au Palais de Justice
  • Lundi le 15 juin à 10:30h: Conférence de Press: RESO Richardson bur. 6509
  • Lundi le 15 juin à 14h: Presentation de Prof. Pierre Gautier CRCS St-Zotique
  • Lundi le 15 juin à 18h : GRAND RASSEMBLEMENT CITOYENS devant CRCS St-Zotique
  • Lundi le 15 juin à 19h : Ouverture de la 2e partie des audiences publiques gymnase de CRCS St-Zotique.

For a detailed list of the presenters throughout the week check here.


A mémoire is a presentation of your concerns to the BAPE council who are ultimately responsible for judging whether the MTQ’s proposal passes or fails as an acceptable plan from an environmental perspective.

This includes the natural environment air, soil, water and wildlife and the social environment road safety, noise levels, and the living environment for urban dwellers.

It is easy to register to present a mémoire.


phone: 418 643-7447 poste 423, or

snail mail: Monique Gélinas, Coordonnatrice du Secrétariat de la commission
Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement
575, rue Saint-Amable, bureau 2.10
Québec (Québec) G1R 6A6

The deadline to register is May 22 (one week)