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La Presse  announced the verdict passed down by the BAPE.  In an article Denis Lessard gives his account of the events surrounding the project’s opposition and worries about the cost of the project.

The BAPE’s critical position with regard to the province’s lack of regard for local concerns will be received with a sigh of relief by those who opposed the project.  The province goes back to the drawing board now and it is predicted that this will delay the project for a year or more.

This is gives mayor Tremblay and other political leaders a chance to get ahead of the horse to properly bring Montreal’s plan de transport to the table.  “…now would be a good time for the experts to call for a comité de gouvernance du réseau routier et d’infrastructure transport, that brings together public health dept, community reps, STM, CN, MTQ,…” Jody Negley


Take note that two new documents, prepared by the MTQ, have recently been posted to the BAPE website, relevant to the Turcot:

1. “Rectifications” or clarifications of fact, directed to BAPE commissioners, on errors, misconceptions or clarifications to issues raised by groups and residents in briefs submitted to the BAPE. There are four (see here DA76, DA77, DA79 and DA80): the first two are short, the third one is longer, addressing about 20 briefs, and the last one is longer, about 35 pages, addressing about 34 briefs.

2. A mass-transit (additional bus) mitigation plan to maintain circulation during and after construction of the new Turcot.

BAPElogoLast week’s BAPE hearings on the province’s plan to rebuild the Turcot drove home public concerns about this plan’s effect on Montreal’s natural social and economic environment.

Nearly 90 official presentations were made by community members ranging from independent individuals to corporate leaders to local municipal and national politicians.  For a list of the documents submitted click here.

BAPElogoThe second phase of the BAPE evironmental hearings begins Monday, June 15 at 7:00pm.  This phase lasts all week long with presentations starting each day at 1:00 pm (Friday starting at 10:00 am) .  It is the only opportunity for the public to contribute their thoughts on the developer’s curent proposal.  The venue is the CRCS St. Zotique in St-Henri at 75 Sir George Etienne Cartier.

  • Lundi le 15 juin à 9h : Rendez-vous au Palais de Justice
  • Lundi le 15 juin à 10:30h: Conférence de Press: RESO Richardson bur. 6509
  • Lundi le 15 juin à 14h: Presentation de Prof. Pierre Gautier CRCS St-Zotique
  • Lundi le 15 juin à 18h : GRAND RASSEMBLEMENT CITOYENS devant CRCS St-Zotique
  • Lundi le 15 juin à 19h : Ouverture de la 2e partie des audiences publiques gymnase de CRCS St-Zotique.

For a detailed list of the presenters throughout the week check here.

A 33 page .pdf of answers to good questions

A 33 page .pdf of answers to good questions

Transport Quebec has published their responses to a wide range of questions bubmetted at the BAPE‘s first phase (Available in French only)

This article by Jeanne Corriveau, of Le Devoir reports on the MTQ’s position on improving public transportation and how they feel about the option of urban highway removal, positions expressed during the BAPE question period last week.

  • Improving Public transportation will not substantially reduce the traffic in the Turcot complex.
  • Montreal’s geographic situation is not suitable for the type of inner city highway removal becoming popular in sustainable planning circles from other western cities.

The question period, first phase in the calendar of the Bureau d’audience publique sur l’environnment (BAPE) process, got kicked off last night.

All participants  who submitted a request for BAPE hearings were allowed to read their requests to the room (BAPE officials, MTQ officials, and the public assembly) before specific questions were handled.  Some of the requests were very eloquent and well delivered. This process seems to be getting many of the concerns into the ears of the Developer and the BAPE committee.

Questions continue:

today Tuesday, May 12 ’09 and tomorrow Wednesday May 13 ’09

starting at 1:00pm and continuing into the evening

CRCS St. Zotique 75 Sir George Etienne Cartier  St-Henri

See the BAPE Page for more info.


BAPE (Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement): The process for public consultation on the findings of the MTQ’s Environmental impact assessment, the last official chance for public contribution and criticism of the project, is well under way.


Question period begins/La période de question commence:

Monday May 11th @ 19 h. , 7:00 pm

CRCS St. Zotique 75 Sir George Etienne Cartier  St-Henri

Deadline to register to submit a brief: May 22, 2009

Deadline for submitting a brief: June 11, 2009

Public hearings start: June 15, 2009.

Info in English on BAPE:

To register to submit a brief e-mail:

Details (French only):